Gearing up for Annual...

It gets exciting about this time of year.  Flights are booked, hotel is booked, the planning is happening about what we are going to do while we are there; a new city each year and time for new experiences and old traditions.  It’s Conference time! I... >>>>

Thank You

In the month of March I reached out to friends, friends of friends and anyone who happened to read my blog to help me raise money for a charity that has been extremely helpful in our lives.  With the help of many people I was happy to deposit via Papal... >>>>

Raising Money for Walking...

For the month of March, all donations coming into will be donated to the “Cycle with the Saunders” for Walking With Giants. The Saunders are a family living in the UK who are pioneers in living with Primordial Dwarfism. ... >>>>

Touched By Kenadie

I have been promising a new website for a long time and I am pleased to finally present This site is dedicated to the many people who have followed the story of Kenadie and our family for so many years. It is the many words of encouragement,... >>>>

L’EEP of Faith

We have been on the receiving end of so much love, support and kindness from many people. We have been blessed by friends, family and strangers. If I could give only a small bit back to some of the people that have helped make our life a success then... >>>>

IEP! A Dutch Film Featuring...

We were contacted by Dutch filmmaker Rita Horst in 2008 who told us that they had been searching high and low for a special child to play the part of Viegeltje (Birdie). Just when she was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen she saw the documentary... >>>>

A note from Mom

Kenadie is somewhat of a different type. She flitters around with one hand in the human plane and one hand somewhere else. Her spirit is silent and exuberant. Kenadie visibly opens hearts and touches souls in many ways. I believe that she has an natural... >>>>

Tyran my son

That clever little boy. He is a newly discovered species of spirit that jumpstarts every soul he touches. He reasons with logical breath and spins clever webs of justification. Everyone who meets him calls he’s clever. He knows how to spin his language... >>>>